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From Spring to early winter we participate in Events such as county shows and Fairs, across the region and some larger shows outside of Essex.

There are several reasons for doing these events:
  • to attract new members - New blood keeps us all on our toes and thinking about what we do and why we do it. Some of them will stay for the long haul and become the experienced carvers of tomorrow that those with less experience draw upon.
  • improve the value of woodcarvings - Increase the public’s appreciation for the time to produce woodcarvings, the carving skills involved and not least the sheer beauty of wood in all its varieties so that finished carvings are more properly valued.
  • to engage with the public - It is good to get feedback on the carvings we do. Sometimes they spark ideas and identify things you hadn't thought of.
  • and last but not least because it is fun - life is way too short to not be doing things you enjoy :-)

We encourage all of our members to participate where they can, regardless of experience, to both demonstrate and exhibit if possible. You don’t need to be an experienced carver to attend these events. The public are often surprised at what a relatively inexperienced carver can achieve and are more encouraged to have a go themselves.
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