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I don't know if woodcarving would be for me...

Q    Do you love the look, smell and feel of real wood?

A     If so this could be the hobby for you. We are all passionate about it as a medium.


Q     I would like to be able to do woodcarving but think it is too difficult to do?

A      Our members will help you to quickly acquire the basics to get you started and for those with developing /more advanced skills we have plenty of very experienced carvers to take you to the next level should you wish. Of course if you just want to carve in the company of other carvers that is perfectly OK with us too.


Q     Ever thought about doing woodcarving but think it would be too time consuming?

A      Simpler projects can be finished in a few hours, however, complicated ones can take several hundred - the commitment and pace is entirely up to you.


Q     But I haven't got any tools. Will it be expensive to get started?

A      If you don't already have tools we strongly advise you not to purchase without talking to us first. We have a couple of starter sets for you to use at our meetings until you know what kind of carving you would like to do. We will even provide you with a small blank of wood to get you started for a nominal amount. When it comes to buying your own tools it does not have to be expensive. We can help you make the right decision over which tools are right for you and only get the ones you need.


Q     What age do I have to be to start carving?

A     There is no minimum age to be a member of Essex Woodcarvers but for children additional consideration needs to be given to heath and safety (they will be handling sharp tools albeit under a designated responsible adult, usually parent or grandparent but not simply a member of Essex Woodcarvers). Equally there is no upper limit to starting carving. We once had a gentlemen start carving at the age of 83 so you see it is never too late either. Essex Woodcarvers welcomes all ages.

Q    Who can be a member of Essex Woodcarvers

A     Everyone is welcome from beginners to experts / professionals. Children under 16 years old can join us too if accompanied by an adult.


Q    What if I cant draw?

A     No drawing skills are required to carve. There are many free resources that you can use as patterns that do not require any drawing skills. Many find drawing skills develop with their carving skills.

Q    Do your members also cover other aspects of carving e.g. pyrography, chip carving, abstract carving, modeling, decorating woodturning projects, toy making, picture frames ?

A    Short answer is yes. We have a very broad cross section of members with wide ranging experience, interests and background. There is not much we couldn't help you with.

Q    Okay I would like to give it a go. Where and when do you meet and carve?

A    Thats great! See our Meetings page for full details.

Please don’t be shy or put off, contact us and give it a go. You will only really know if you give it a try. We are a friendly group of people and are always willing to give guidance and encouragement.



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